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The new DC/DC converter DC2412-UPS-LD is equipped with a highly available backup feature to safely bridge fluctuations, drops or failures accompanying 24VDC supply voltage and avoid interruption of 12VDC output voltage. For this purpose ultra capacitors (so-called supercaps) are used. Supercaps are particularly durable, cycle-resistant and maintenance-free. The Supercaps are loaded during normal operation and ensure the uninterruptible power supply. The highly efficient design enables fanless operation in the extended industrial temperature range. In addition to the basic version DC2412-UPS the converter has overvoltage protection up to 123 VDC (Load Dump), ignition function and an inrush current limiter. The DC 2412 UPS is the fail-safe 12-volt power supply with ultra-capacitors for IoT / Industrial 4.0, kiosk, POI / POS, signage, medical devices and many more!

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