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iVIS-200 is a Atom™ E3845 processing unit as part of an innovative smart camera framework, where you can build up your own x86-based smart camera by integrating an off-the-shelf camera.

iVIS-200 integrates leading-edge technologies its ultra-compact footprint. In addition to internal GigE/USB3/USB2 camera interfaces, it incorporates Neousys' DTIO technology for precise trigger/strobe control and built-in constant current/constant voltage LED controller for directly driving LED light. Moreover, iVIS-200 carries 802.3at PoE+ PD (Powered Device) capability, so you can simply access and power your smart camera with just one Ethernet cable.

Targeting on different vertical markets, iVIS-200 series is offered in several barebone configurations. iVIS-210B-MVS and iVIS-211B-MVS are designed for machine vision applications. Both of them come with a slim enclosure to accommodate Basler Dart and Point Grey Chameleon3 board camera respectively. iVIS-220B-ITS and iVIS-227B-ITS, aiming at intelligent traffic system, are equipped with an IP50 and an IP67 enclosure to accommodate a 29mm x 29mm USB3/GigE camera. They also feature a mini-PCIe slot with SIM support for installing a 3G/4G/WIFI module.

iVIS-200 and the innovative framework expand the possibility of smart camera. With iVIS-200, you can quickly develop a smart camera based on Windows/Linux open platform and maximize your effort on vision software.

x86-based Smart Camera Framework for Machine Vision and Intelligent Transportation System

iVIS-200 presents a new concept of creating a smart camera. By integrating off-the-shelf GigE/USB3 camera into a x86-based processing unit, you can simply develop your smart camera using Windows-based or Linux-based commercial or open source vision software, which significantly expands the possibility and flexibility for a smart camera system. iVIS-200 is offered in several configurations for machine vision and intelligent transportation system applications.

Built-in Constant Current and Constant Voltage LED Controller with DTIO Technology

iVIS-200 incorporates LED illumination controller for directly driving the LED light. It supports both 500 mA max. adjustable constant current mode and 24 V constant voltage mode. PWM dimming control is also included to control the intensity of light. Combining Neousys' DTIO, a MCU-based trigger control mechanism, iVIS-200 can respond to a trigger signal with LED strobe and camera trigger at a deterministic 10us timebase. You can have a highly integrated smart camera system that always captures the image with right illumination when object is in position!

Compatible with Off-the-Shelf USB 3.0 and GigE Cameras

iVIS-200 is designed to work with off-the-shelf USB3/GigE camera to offer more choices in camera resolution and frame rate. For your selected camera, you can find a corresponding iVIS-200 model to accommodate it. iVIS-210B is well fit for Basler Dart board camera and iVIS-211B is for Point Grey Chameleon3. iVIS-220B and iVIS-227B, on the other hand, can accommodate most cameras with cross section of 29mm x 29mm, via either USB 3.0 or GigE interface.


  • Intel® Atom™ E3845 quad-core 1.91 GHz processing power
  • Built-in GigE/USB3/USB2 camera interfaces
  • Patented DTIO technology for accurate trigger/strobe control
  • Built-in 500 mA constant current and 24 V constant voltage LED controller
  • 802.3at PoE+ PD and auxiliary DC dual power input
  • M12 connectors for water-proof design


System Core
Processor Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail-I E3845 Quad-core processor
Graphics Integrated Intel® HD Graphics
Memory 1x SO-DIMM socket for DDR3L-1333, up to 8GB


On-board Camera Interface
Ethernet 1x Gigabit Ethernet ports by Intel® I210
USB 1x USB 3.0 port
Trigger I/O 1-CH trigger-out for camera control


Panel I/O Interface (M12 connectors)
Ethernet 1x Gigabit Ethernet ports by Intel® I210
Trigger I/O 2-CH isolated trigger input with
1-CH isolated digital output for strobe control
LED Illumination
1-CH LED Illumination driving output,
supporting 24 VDC constant voltage mode or 500 mA 
max. adjustable constant current mode with 100 KHz,
250 steps PWM dimming control
COM 1x 3-wire RS-232


Auxiliary I/O Interface (internal wafer connector)
VGA 1x VGA port
USB 1x USB 2.0 port


Storage/Expansion Interface
mSATA 1x half-size mSATA port
Mini-PCIe 1x full-size mini-PCIe socket with SIM support
(iVIS-220B/227B only)


OS Support
Windows Windows 7 32/64-bit, WES7
Linux Ubuntu 14.04, OpenSuSE 13.1, Fedora 20


Power supply
PoE+ PD Support IEEE 802.3at PoE+ 
(powered via Ethernet cable)
Auxiliary DC-IN Support 12/24 VDC auxiliary power input when PoE+
PSE is not available


Dimension 83mm(W) x 153mm(H) x 43mm(D) (iVIS-210B/211B)
88mm(W) x 74mm(H) x 153mm(D) (iVIS-220B/227B)


Operating -25°C ~ 60°C, 100% CPU loading */**
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Humidity 10%~90% , non-condensing
Vibration Operating, 5 Grms, 5-500 Hz, 3 Axes (w/ SSD, w/o 
add-on card, according to IEC60068-2-64)
Shock Operating, 50 Grms, Half-sine 11 ms Duration (w/
SSD, w/o add-on card, according to IEC60068-2-27)
EMC CE/FCC Class A, according to EN 55022 & EN 55024

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Intel® Atom™ E3845 Smart Camera framework for MV application, accommodating Basler Dart camera (CS-mount)


Intel® Atom™ E3845 Smart Camera framework for MV application, accommodating Point Grey chameleon3 camera (CS-mount)


Intel® Atom™ E3845 Smart Camera framework for ITS application, accommodating COTS 29mm x 29mm USB3/GigE camera, with IP50 enclosure


Intel® Atom™ E3845 Smart Camera framework for ITS application, accommodating COTS 29mm x 29mm USB3/GigE camera, with IP67 enclosure

Cable kit for USB 3.0 camera

Cable kit for GigE camera



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