• Intel® I350 server-grade Gigabit
  • Gen2 PCI Express x4
  • 4x M12 x-coded
  • IEEE 802.3at até 25.5W p/ porta
  • Per-port PoE+ power on/off
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Sku: PCIe-PoE312M
Tipo de Produto: Placa de Rede
Fabricante: Neousys

4-port Server-grade Gigabit 802.3at PoE+ Card with M12 x-coded Connectors

  • Intel® I350 server-grade Gigabit Ethernet controller
  • Four M12 x-coded connectors with patent-pending housing design
  • x4, Gen2 PCI Express interface offering 2GB/s total bandwidth
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3at to deliver up to 25.5 W per port
  • Supports 9.5 kB jumbo frame, teaming and IEEE 1588
  • Per-port PoE+ power on/off control

Introducing the world's first PCIe card with M12 x-coded connectors, it features Gigabit Ethernet and PoE+ functionalities. Thanks to Neousys' patent-pending housing design, PCIe-PoE312M's M12 connectors utilizes a CNC-milled aluminum block as its connector housing screw that can withstand more than extra stress on the cable/connector. It offers extremely rugged and reliable cable connection for Ethernet or PoE devices.

PCIe-PoE312M has four Gigabit Ethernet ports integrated via server-grade Intel® I350 NIC. It features checksum offloading, segmentation offloading and intelligent interrupt generation/moderation to increase overall Ethernet performance and reduce CPU utilization. It also integrates IEEE 802.3at PoE+ PSE function to deliver up to 25.5W to attached PD devices.

For fast-growing IoT, edge computing and rugged surveillance applications, reliable Ethernet connection is indispensable. Neousys' PCIe-PoE312M combines reinforced M12 connectors, PoE+ and Gigabit Ethernet to provide unparalleled connection ruggedness for most off-the-shelf computers.


Bus Interface x4, Gen2 PCI Express
Gigabit Ethernet Port 4x ports by Intel® I350-AM4 NIC, supporting 9.5 kB jumbo frame, teaming and IEEE 1588
Port Connector M12 x-coded connector with Neousys patent-pending housing
PoE Capability In compliant with IEEE 802.3at-2009 (PoE+), each port delivers up to 25.5 W of power
Cable Requirement CAT-5e or CAT-6 cable, 100 meters maximum
Power Requirement Maximum 1.2 A @ 3.3 V from PCI Express bus
Maximum 9.6 A @ 12 V from PCI Express bus or on-board 4-pin power connector
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 55°C with air flow
Dimension 167mm(D) x 111mm(H) x 18.2mm(W)

* PCIe-PoE312M is wider than the standard PCIe card and may cause mechanical interference with the card next to it. It is recommended to leave the slot on the right empty. If you must install another card on the right, please proceed with caution!


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